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Blogs – what are they

  • Online diary style website
  • Quick and easy web publishing
  • Offer instant communication
  • Regularly updated
  • Require little technical knowledge
  • A social / networking activity
  • Links to other online resources
  • Try the Guide to Using Blogs in Economics

Blogs in Plain English

… or sample some blog related links from Delicious.

Blogs – potential uses – teaching and learning

  • Replacing standard class web pages
  • Professor-written blogs which cover interesting developments that relate to the theme of the course
  • Organization of in-class discussion
  • Organization of intensive seminars where students have to provide weekly summaries of the readings
  • Requiring students to write their own blogs as part of their grade

From Henry Farrell contributor at Crooked Timber

Blogs – more potential uses

  • Writing up as you go along
  • Floating new or embryonic ideas
  • Dissemination of research results
  • Disseminate news and service updates
  • Take advantage of the “invisible college” of fellow academics
  • Engaging with the public to find out what they want
  • Sidestepping the mainstream media for publicity
  • Great potential for reflection See Julie Hughes 2006 ALT-C paper



Chat with one of your neighbours, find out the web address of their blog and leave a comment on their blog post or on this blog at


All of the other exercises have an optional blog related element – you can start to add to your blog by following the rest of the exercises


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