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Audio / Podcasting

What is a podcast?

My definition of a podcast is …

  • Audio – videos are more likely to be learning objects and vlogging does not need RSS
  • Regular – one audio file does not constitute a podcast, must have a sense of regularity
  • Syndicated via RSS – otherwise it’s an online audio file that has been possible for years

… other viewpoints are available

Podcasting in Plain English

Podcasting in Higher Education

Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes is a UK HEA initiative which aims to explore the use of podcasts in higher education

Podcasting for Learning in Universities is a book detailing a range of case studies on the use of podcasts and provides a model for developing effective podcasts – much of this work grew oput of the IMPALA project

VOX Talks are from the Centre for Economic Policy Research and feature interviews with academic economists talking about their work

Potential uses of podcasting

  • Distance learning / self-paced learning
  • Advanced or supplementary material
  • Choice depending on learning style
  • Promotion of research
  • Topical updates related to lecture material
  • Replace the lecture
  • Student assessment and feedback
  • Collecting data in the field

More podcasting tips

A Bakers Dozen of Practical Podcasting Tips – less theory, more practice

Podcasting and Audio in the Social Sciences – overview of key audio resources

My Podcasting Life … or the Reverse Obama Effect – lessons from various podcasting experiments

Podcasts links from Delicious – with an emphasis on podcasting in HE


  • Go to Intute: Social Sciences
  • Search for podcast* and filter your results by subject – try Education
  • Explore some of the recommended sites and try to find a podcast to listen to


Go to the Podcasting for Learning in Universities book support website at:

Click on the Podcasting Model link and explore this podcasting model


Create a new blog post and link to an mp3 file by typing

Open square bracket
Type the word audio
Leave a space
URL of an audio file ending in .mp3
Close square bracket

… but all on one line

More details are available from the Audio support page.


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